Altar Training videos online

Altar Training: What Bishops Wear
We are happy to make sev­eral altar train­ing videos avail­able. You can find them on YouTube in Arch­bishop Wynn Wagner’s chan­nel.
Top­ics include:

  • Linens
  • Altars and Candles
  • Altar Stones and the Antimension
  • Incense
  • Cas­socks and clergy headware
  • Col­lars
  • Bish­ops attire
  • Vest­ments

Altar Training: Altar Stones


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Join us on Face­book.  About 1700+ of Wynn’s friends are there.

That may not be a big num­ber for Ran­dom House, but Wynn’s head is so big now that we’re adding a new office cubi­cle just to han­dle the ego.

Right now, he’s strut­ting around the front room. “Who’s the writer… who’s the writer…” with some kind of weird pigeon thing going on. Insuf­fer­able, I tell you.



Gay Book Hall of Fame

Wynn Wagner

Wynn read­ing tarot (photo by John Selig)

DALLAS TX — Con­grat­u­la­tions to our author, Wynn Wagner.

One of his books — Brent: the Heart Reader — has been added to the Gay Book Hall of Fame. He will now become insuf­fer­able dur­ing staff meetings.

This is what the Hall of Fame wrote about Wynn’s works:

Wynn Wagner’s books are always decep­tively easy to read, and they are usu­ally funny or irrev­er­ent. They are deeper and stronger than you might think at first. He has an affin­ity for first per­son narratives.

What makes his nov­els impor­tant for the LGBT world is that they are always about empow­er­ment. If there is a bully, you can assume he or she will end up get­ting bul­lied. Sissies are the tough guys.

Although he is a retired arch­bishop in the Old Catholic Church, many of his nov­els deal with the hege­mony of orga­nized reli­gion run amuck.

In Brent: The Heart Reader, Wag­ner takes on adop­tion. The nar­ra­tor was adopted by a right wing evan­gel­i­cal fam­ily that hates queers. If you guessed that fam­ily mem­bers take a few licks, you’d be what we call cor­rec­ta­mundo. Along the way, the nar­ra­tor falls in love with a full-blooded Sioux. Brent has to learn and grow as oth­ers look to him for wis­dom and strength.



New Edition: A Pilgrim’s Guide to the Old Catholic Church

A Pilgrim's Guide to the Old Catholic Church

A Pilgrim’s Guide to the Old Catholic Church (sec­ond edition)

A PILGRIM’S GUIDE TO THE OLD CATHOLIC CHURCH has been updated. It has always been one of the most pop­u­lar titles offered by Mys­tic Ways Books

Arch­bishop Wynn Wag­ner has updated this cat­e­chism. We are offer­ing it in full color. It is still the fun­ni­est and most cap­ti­vat­ing book about reli­gion you will ever see.

We have it listed as “Com­ing Soon.”

100% Catholic — 0% Roman Catholic The OLD CATHOLIC CHURCH has been around for hun­dreds of years, but few peo­ple today know about it. Larger groups that use the word “Catholic” rarely like to admit its exis­tence, but it does exist. It is com­pletely Catholic, but with­out the pope, the Inqui­si­tion and all the guilt.

Arch­bishop Wynn Wag­ner intro­duces you to the beliefs of this small group of Catholics with their mod­ern phi­los­o­phy that is wrapped inside a very tra­di­tional liturgy. Expect to be amazed at the spir­i­tual tools that are avail­able to you today. When some­one says you can’t marry because you are gay, or that you can’t be a Catholic priest because you are mar­ried or a female: read this book and find your answer: Yes, you can.

Some books that intro­duce a reli­gion are dry and bor­ing. If that is what you want, don’t look in these pages. Arch­bishop Wynn Wag­ner brings the Old Catholic Church to life. This is a “Pilgrim’s Guide,” and the arch­bishop is the first to let you know that he is just another pil­grim. When he doesn’t know the answer, he tells

you. He tells you in ways that may leave you chuck­ling. When he talks about the majesty of our Old Catholic Church, he speaks with the author­ity of some­one who walks-the-walk. The “Pilgrim’s Guide” is more than a sim­ple intro­duc­tion, it is a tour of what can be your spir­i­tual life with a tour guide who lives the sub­ject mat­ter on a daily basis.

Arch­bishop Michael V. Seneco
Pre­sid­ing Bishop of the North Amer­i­can Old Catholic Church


Tarot for Christians

MWB is pleased to add Wynn Wagner’s Tarot for Chris­tians to its cat­a­log. It is avail­able as paper­back and e-book.

The main char­ac­ter of tarot’s first card is The Fool, and Tarot for Chris­tians is the adven­ture of that inno­cent wan­derer. THE FOOL is a sim­ple trav­eler through the deck, grow­ing and learn­ing, expe­ri­enc­ing and living.

The author — a retired arch­bishop of the Old Catholic Church — brings his knowl­edge of meta­physics and tra­di­tional sym­bol­ism to these mis­un­der­stood “flash cards.” Each of the major cards in the deck is a sta­tion on the Fool’s jour­ney. The arch­bishop explains his take on each of the major cards with humor and eager antic­i­pa­tion of the wis­dom to be found in the images.

The Fool’s adven­ture is a med­i­ta­tion on life, not an attempt to peer into the future. It is a les­son for today, not tomor­row. Tarot for Chris­tians is the lov­ing and per­sonal jour­ney of Christ’s vagabond, and he wants us all to join him.


AEGiS Health, Human Rights and Human Services Award

AEGiSWYNN WAGNER is the 2012 recip­i­ent of the AEGiS Health, Human Rights and Human Ser­vices Award. The award marks a life­time of human­i­tar­ian work.

The truly remark­able thing is that your infor­ma­tional advice has been cou­pled with spir­i­tual encour­age­ment and hope. Sci­ence and Spirit have worked so well,”  Sis­ter Mary Eliz­a­beth, the founder of AEGiS, said in announc­ing the award.

AEGiS Health, Human Rights and Human Services Award

AEGiS Health, Human Rights and Human Ser­vices Award

Before com­put­ers there was your cre­ation of OPUS– Com­puter Based Con­ver­sa­tions Sys­tem! And as soon as HIV/AIDS reared its ugly head you were there pro­vid­ing fund­ing for its vic­tims and research through your inven­tions tak­ing no per­sonal profit from your work!Because of your pio­neer­ing efforts AEGiS is proud to present to you the AEGiS Health, Human Rights and Human Ser­vices Award. This is given to you as you have been a stan­dard bearer for our work here at AEGiS over many years.

You, from the very begin­ning men­tored, our Founder in her efforts to develop what has become one of the largest data bases of infor­ma­tion regard­ing HIV/AIDS. That data base has served mil­lions over the decades of the pan­demic. An inte­gral part of that data base was your intro­duc­tory pages to the web­site enti­tled “Day One”. These pages have served to guide and inspire the newly infected for many years.

You have authored much over the years. But the truly remark­able thing is that your infor­ma­tional advice has been cou­pled with spir­i­tual encour­age­ment and hope. Sci­ence and Spirit have worked so well in your gifts to us.

AEGiSYour efforts have also been very prac­ti­cal. You’ve assisted AEGiS in its pro­gram­ming, assisted oth­ers in donat­ing to AEGiS and have become the largest sin­gle non-corporate donor to our efforts.

It is with great plea­sure that we rec­og­nize the great guid­ing light you have been for us and the HIV/AIDS com­mu­nity in general.



Hidden Side of Christian Festivals

MWB is excited to have The Hid­den Side of Chris­t­ian Fes­ti­vals in the pipeline. It was writ­ten by Arch­bishop Charles Web­ster Lead­beater in 1920.

The work — 400+ pages — is one of the clas­sics of eso­teric and mys­ti­cal Chris­tian­ity. The arch­bishop cov­ers all of the major dates in the church’s year with details and insights that are not avail­able any­where else.

Abp. Lead­beater (1854–1934) was the co-founder of a branch of the church catholic, The Lib­eral Catholic Church. He was that denomination’s Regionary Bishop for Aus­tralia. He also served as the LCC’s sec­ond Pre­sid­ing Bishop.


Brent’s Lonely Road

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Brent: the Heart Reader (for more information)




Mys­tic Ways Books is in the fic­tion game! Our first fic­tional story is a novel by Wynn Wag­ner. It is BRENT: THE HEART READER, a ten­der tale of a tarot reader who resists the bul­ly­ing of his homo­pho­bic adopted fam­ily. The love of his life is Takoda, a Sioux, who gets dan­ger­ously caught up in Brent’s fam­ily turmoil.

We can all hope we don’t let gay kids be adopted by such “reli­gious” peo­ple. Of course, if you know Wynn’s other books, you already guessed that the word come­up­pance will be at play before the fat lady sings. :-) We note as a kind of side note that Wynn was, in fact, adopted. H’mmm.

BRENT will be avail­able as hard­back, paper­back, and e-book. We are releas­ing all three foot­prints of this amaz­ing novel on April 16, 2012.

The con­tent is steamy and not intended for children.